R & D Recruiters

(ONE) Antenna Engineering Manager
1, there are more than 3 years experience of independent antenna tuning circuit and RF testing experience, including single and dipole antenna design, mobile phone antenna, Bluetooth antenna, GPS antenna, FM antenna and so on.
2, familiar with the operation of measuring instruments, including the use of CMU200, Aglient8960 network analyzer.
3, proficient use of microwave equipment and related design applications, according to design requirements or to verify the product measurement devices, test fixture.
4, innovation and customer-oriented, good presentation skills, with customers and suppliers to communicate the design team to provide advanced design and optimize product design. Able to design and / or verify product and packaging specifications, analysis, product design and potential risks, optimize product structure.
5, confirm the new product design and development of complete test records, reporting, verification results, and follow the course of the project submitted to the company a relatively complete development documentation and project files.
6, strong organizational skills, leadership, good communication, overall responsibility for the daily work of the department and external links, reasonable arrangements for the department staff to work more than 5 years and other related departments in charge of engineering work experience. 

(TWO) Antenna Structural Engineers
1. Mechanical or electrical related professional college education
2.more than two years experience in structural design of electronic communication products
3 familiar plastic, mold and other features and design process knowledge
4 skilled use of mapping software and office software
5. Good communication skills

(THREE) Antenna design engineer:
post-secondary or undergraduate, communications engineering or mechanical and electrical integration, professional, understand electromagnetic fields or microwave technology priority.

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