Our R & D

R & D responsible for new all product, exchange technical cooperation with both domestic and foreign partners, and follow up technical comment from buyer (end customer) . As per our our many years of research and development experience with rich engineers and developers group, with high level of RF antenna design and communications development ; Applied to VHF and UHF professional walkie-talkie, 2.4 Ghz wireless network system, the GSM mobile phone network / anti-theft system, DVB and DAB digital broadcasting system .. etc..; A wide range of support and development efforts.
In addition,. In the RF gain (radiation pattern) of antenna testing, Bondale Industries Ltd and Chinese University of Hong Kong - Electronic Engineering - RF radiation research laboratories has been an partnership, from university laboratories to provide test data and results in improving the performance of products and technical assistance programs, so that we have the absolute R & D capabilities and advantages to the market.