Our Factory

In more than 10 years of the development process, Bondale always uphold the principles of "quality first, the customer first" approach in product design, manufacturing, customer service, the process of constantly improving the overall quality level.

We have a high-frequency testing laboratories, Salt spray testing laboratories and Programmable temperature and Humidity environment testing chamber, all products have to undergo a rigorous high temperature, rain, and dropped a number of professionals such as salt spray test, all the performance indicators are in line with the United States and European standards.

With the "Supervision of harmful substances," we use Japan SII nano energy X fluorescence analyzer to check and monitor all of the products materials, monitoring to ensure that all products meet the requirements of the EU ROHS directive regulations and standards. Manufacturing, CNC lathe, vertical and horizontal type plastic injection molding machine, precision cutting machine, mold tooling workshop , Electro plating center ....In additonal , coupled with the modernization of assembly; Secure us to have a strong and stable productivity, and to meet customer demand.